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The Strongman by MrTuke The Strongman by MrTuke
Concept for a "villian of the week" antagonist with a pending name for Project Pagan Leers, a wrestler archetype who hunts warriors and monsters for rewards and beats them down with his bare hands. Coming face to face with the trio, he's soon in for a surprise when those unlikely nimble ladies swat him like a bug, realising that macho bravado may not necessarily always win the day.

While in hindsight this guy might be a long lost relative of Fuzzy Lumpkins, part of his design is a nod towards John K. I thought what if Ren, Stimpy, Powdered Toast man and the belly button had a lovechild, and this would be him. Coupled with a Disney or Don Bluth flair which i think gels better with me than John and i came up with this artwork. I'm actually not sure if this guys going to be in the final cut of the series. He won't be in the first story for sure, but we'll see.

Character and art by me. Done in inks and photoshop.

For more of my works, check out my website here.
AntiMach Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
"Quuuaaaaaid . . . flex your abdominals."
MrTuke Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
"And lay off the red meat! That stuff will make you into a fatty!"

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