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Valentines 2018 by MrTuke Valentines 2018 by MrTuke
19/02/2018: Okay, time to get round to the description now that we certainly have a finished picture here bar a potential revision out of practice at a later date. Originally there was going to be a magical fog emitting from Relicia's Nay flute and circling around Seker on the right of the picture there, but I decided it looked fine without it.

I went through several ideas before deciding what to try out with the yearly valentines pic, some of which may become separate illustrations in their own right. I landed on this idea because one of the things that I felt was lacking in some of my previous art of Relicia was a demonstration of her powers. She's immortal and 50,000 years old, so readers can take my word for it there. Otherwise, her library of abilities such as super speed, portal travel, teleporting, illusion magic, sex magic and hypnosis powers and more is not something I show off much save for the update in the Book 0 series.

In the end, I rolled with this picture based on a scene where Relicia enchants Seker through a magical touch with the nay flute. Ryuken sits in reference at the back left, as despite Relicia's advances he seems immune to her spells.

That's about it for now. I'm hard at work on website related art at the moment, including something that is as good as a 26-52 page comic that will embody the Lore section. I intend to show off some previews in due time. Until then, keep well, gang!

Characters and art by me. Done in inks and photoshop, with photography from my travels.

For more of my work with a big update on the way this year plus a proper store page, please visit here.
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